About Us


We will care today for seven generation’s of tomorrows by stewarding social and environmental progress in the communities we live, work and do business through education, environmental conservation, research and advocacy.

How we accomplish our mission:

The Seventh Generation Foundation will make grants to non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that promote and improve environmental conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, and human health and social welfare. The Foundation conducts two grantmaking programs: the Sustainability Grantmaking Program and the Nap Mat Exchange Program.


We support U.S.-based organizations working to bring about positive change and sustainable solutions by helping us achieve the aspirations we have as a business, with our priority being enhancing health of homes and schools.

We are focused specifically on eliminating chemicals of concern from the marketplace that threaten the health of pregnant women, young children and workers.

  1. Legislative Reform:  Reform the Toxic Substances Control Act; Reform state toxic chemical policies to identify, disclose and eliminate hazardous chemicals from the marketplace.
  2. Scientific Research:  Build scientific evidence that exposes the risks to human & environmental health from exposure to toxic chemicals.
  3. Consumer Awareness:  Inspire a consumer revolution for safer products through impactful education, engagement and transformative action.


The Nap Mat Exchange Program supports Vermont-based child care centers working to help future generations thrive by making a positive and lasting difference in children’s lives through progress in education, human and environmental health. Our program is focused on replacing toxic nap mats with a healthier, safer mat and creating safe and healthy environments for children to live, learn, play and grow.

Our current areas of focus are:

Toxin-Free Babies and Toddlers: During the critically important early childhood years, the youngest of Vermonters deserve to develop in an environment free from toxins. We support organizations that help create awareness of the need for a toxin-free indoor environment, and/or help child care homes and centers, preschools, and other early childhood programs serving newborns through age 5 to create safe and healthy indoor environments.

The Seventh Generation Foundation does not provide product donations or any grants other than those referenced above.