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The VT Community Building Grant Program supports our Toxin-Free Kids Initiative. We understand that during the critically important early childhood years, young Vermonters deserve to be raised in an environment with fewer toxins. We support organizations that help create awareness of the importance of reducing toxins in the indoor environment, and support early childhood programs serving newborns through age five to create those spaces.

Who is eligible to apply to Toxin Free Kids?

We will help early childhood programs serving newborns through age 5 to create safe and healthy indoor environments. Eligible applicants will be:

Where are the toxins?

Surprisingly, much of our furniture, floor coverings – and even toys – contain chemicals that are toxic. While toxins are not good for anyone, they especially pose a risk for the youngest children whose bodies are still growing. We want to support child care programs in replacing toxic furnishings and equipment with healthy alternatives.

Toxins in Child Care Programs:


Get inspired!

Check out these links to envision what your eco-healthy childcare program could look like!

What does Toxin Free Kids support?

We will support projects that create a safe and healthy indoor environment in the areas where children spend their time. Eligible projects will be:
Projects may be either:

This funding may not be used for consumable purchases; that is, anything that is used up and purchased again regularly (such as cleaning products, food, and art supplies).

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