Clean and Healthy New York

Clean and Healthy New York (CHNY) was founded as Clean New York in 2006 and incorporated in 2010 as Clean and Healthy New York, Inc. CHNY has thousands of supporters across New York State and beyond and a decade of success advocating for safer chemicals, a sustainable economy, and a healthier world.


We have been pressing New York State to enforce their laws on household cleaning products since Earthjustice filed suit on behalf of New York advocacy organizations in 2009. At that time, Women’s Voices for the Earth, as our then-fiscal sponsor and legal entity, was listed in the suit. Since then, we participated in a DEC-sponsored roundtable with industry members (2010), submitted joint comments on an initial draft document (2011), urged action with a sign-on letter we co-wrote (2013), maintained pressure via inside conversations with DEC staff (2011-2017) and the Governor’s office (2015-2017), engaged in technical discussions as an Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) member (2015-2016), sent a follow-up letter when DEC internal drafting was nearly done (2016), and successfully advocated for inclusion in the 2017 State of the State book when the draft was before the Governor’s staff (2016-2017).

For the past three years, we have led the coalition of our allies, particularly Earthjustice, Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), WE ACT for Environmental Justice, Sierra Club, NYPIRG, Environmental Advocates, and Healthy Schools Network, convening calls and email discussions at key points of progress (or stagnancy). We maintain discussions with allies across the country working on cleaning product disclosure, through SAFER States, with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (formerly Breast Cancer Fund) and WVE, to ensure our strategies leverage each other. Our allies, DEC staff, IC2 staff, and the Governor’s office all view us as the pivotal advocacy group on the New York State rule.

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