Nap Mat Exchange Program

Why Are We Focusing Attention on Nap Mats?

It’s time to put toxic nap mats to bed! Studies have shown that by removing nap mats containing flame retardants from childcare centers, children’s exposure to hazardous chemicals that are linked to cancer, obesity, and nervous system harm are significantly reduced.

This is why we have focused our attention on removing these toxic nap mats from childcare centers in Vermont and replacing them with a quality, nontoxic mat. This small change supports a healthier learning environment for both the children and the teachers in these centers. It’s a small step with a huge impact. We hope to spread education and inspiration in our pursuit and push for other states to get rid of their toxic nap mats as well.

Toxic Flame Retardants in Nap Mats
New Study: Removing Flame Retardants from Nap Mats Reduces Kids’ Exposures in Childcares

Who is eligible to apply for nap mat replacements?

We will help early childhood programs serving newborns through age 5 to create safe and healthy indoor environments. Eligible applicants will be:

How Do I Apply?

Our application program is closed for 2021. Please revisit in late spring 2022 to fill out an application.

What Nap Mat will I receive?

The nap mats we will supply are manufactured by Naturepedic.
Read more about their standards and qualifications.

More Information on Reducing Toxins from Child Care Centers:


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“The Pine Forest Children’s Center strives to provide our children with a safe and healthy environment to learn and grow.  I never thought about the toxic effects of our old nap mats.  The Seventh Generation Foundation’s nap mat exchange program opened my eyes to all of the hazardous chemicals our children were being exposed to from their old nap mats.  Knowing that, it was such a relief to be able to exchange those for non-toxic nap mats!  I can rest easier, knowing that the children of our school are resting on safe, non-toxic nap mats!”
– Julie LaFountaine, B.A.  Administrative Leader of Pine Forest Children’s Center