Rainbow Playschool

Rainbow Playschool is a 501(c)(3) non-profit early childhood development center serving Woodstock, Vermont and its surrounding area.

We were excited at the prospect of using non-toxic materials to improve the school environment for our families and staff. The Seventh Generation Foundation Community Building Grant allowed us to provide the children at the daycare with a nontoxic, easy to clean, germ resistant, environmentally friendly surface to sleep and rest on. With the grant we received, we were able to purchase 25 new rest mats, which are vinyl free, contain no PVC, chlorinated TRIS, fire retardants or other harmful chemicals, which are commonly found in traditional rest mats. This funding has helped improve the quality and safety for children at our child development day care center by removing potentially toxic chemicals from the areas where children, sleep, play, learn and grow.

2016 Featured Community Building Grantees